12 Mar

Modern Soul Legend Bilal Speaks On Jazz-Funk’s Importance

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For many modern soul connoisseurs, Bilal is considered an “A-lister” in the movement and deemed the benchmark for how nu-soul vocalist are judged. The Philadelphia-raised vocalist entered into the game in the early naughts with virtually no peer who could match his raw, soulful prowess. His sound is forever indebted to classic styles that came before him and jazz seems to be the cornerstone of said sound.  It’s no wonder that he is still going strong after 15 years and doesn’t seem to appear to be slowing down anytime soon! We were so honored to be able to grab him after his epic performance at the legendary Atlanta event, The Funk Jazz Kafe. He touched on the importance of this music and why it continues to help shape the cultural landscape of modern pop after all these years. Bilal proves once again why he remains so relevant in an industry that cares little about it’s primary commodity, music.